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ABC News on extreme weather, January 2011

Media’s Coverage of Climate & Extreme Weather: Partly Cloudy

1/21/2011 // By Miles Grant

Global warming’s impact on extreme weather is coming into focus – but media’s reporting on the issue is sometimes cloudy.

Downtown Syracuse, NY (via Flickr's GKS.)

Lake Ontario, Justin Bieber & You: A Guide to Global Warming & Lake Effect Snow

12/16/2010 // By Miles Grant

If global warming is accelerating, how can Syracuse’s snowfall be breaking records?

(VIDEO) Getting the Word Out on Heat Waves and Global Warming

8/12/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

NWF members rely on us to educate the media, policy makers and the broader public on the impacts of climate change.  Our most recent effort was the launch of our report on heat waves and the links to global warming (see previous …

Extreme Heat in Summer 2010: A Window on the Future

8/11/2010 // By Miles Grant

Could the sweltering summer of 2010 be considered mild compared to the typical summers of the future? It depends on whether America & nations around the world act now to curb our global warming pollution. That’s the conclusion of a …

March 2010: Hottest March on Record

4/19/2010 // By Miles Grant

Scientists at both NASA and NOAA confirm last month was the hottest March on record. From NOAA: The world’s combined global land and ocean surface temperature made last month the warmest March on record, according to NOAA. Taken separately, average …

More Frequent Wildfires Worldwide Point To Need To Address Global Warming

9/1/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

Wildfires are much in the news this week.  Studies show they are more frequent, larger and they are burning hotter. This is largely bad news for wildlife. But, when you include Greece, Australia and other places in the world, fires are in …

Connecting the Dots: Interview with NWF’s Dr. Amanda Staudt

9/12/2008 // By Miles Grant

The National Wildlife Federation’s Dr. Amanda Staudt, a climate scientist, was on KTBC-TV in Austin, TX this morning, connecting the dots between global warming and stronger hurricanes. You can watch the interview on KTBC’s website! To learn more about how …

On Global Warming and the Catastrophic Flooding in the Central U.S.

6/25/2008 // By Larry Schweiger

As so many grapple with catastrophic flooding in the central United States, my thoughts and prayers are with those in harm’s way. The big picture is that global warming is making tragedies like these more frequent and more intense. Global …

English Scientists Confirm the Link Between Global Warming and Heavy Rainfall

7/23/2007 // By Josh Nelson

The Independent has the story: It’s official: the heavier rainfall in Britain is being caused by climate change, a major new scientific study will reveal this week, as the country reels from summer downpours of unprecedented ferocity. More intense rainstorms …