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Call Me A Cockeyed Optimist

2/7/2006 // By Kristin Johnson

For those of us working just blocks from the White House, it wasn’t exactly a surprise that the annual budget released by President Bush yesterday included Arctic drilling. Heck, for people 3,000 miles away, it probably wasn’t a surprise either. […] Read more >

Curing America’s Oil Addiction

2/2/2006 // By Kristin Johnson

During his State of the Union address, President George W. Bush admitted a major problem. “America is addicted to oil.” The catchy rhetoric is right on the money. Time for Bush to lead our country through the rest of the […] Read more >

Victory in the Senate!

12/22/2005 // By Kristin Johnson

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge scored a huge end-of-the-year victory yesterday, when a drilling provision was forced off of a Defense Appropriations Bill in the Senate. The provision had been tacked on at the last minute by Sen. Ted Stevens […] Read more >

Drilling Out of Budget, Into Defense Spending Bill

12/20/2005 // By Kristin Johnson

After almost a month of butting heads over whether or not the scheme to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would be included in the final budget bill, Congress was left at a standstill just a week before the holiday […] Read more >

House Budget + Senate Budget = Arctic Drilling?

11/18/2005 // By Kristin Johnson

Early this morning at 1:45 a.m., the House budget bill, sans Arctic drilling, passed by a vote of 217-215. It will now be combined with the Senate version of the budget bill and put to one final vote in both […] Read more >

Drilling Does Not Mean Domestic Oil Independence

10/12/2005 // By NWF

A guest post by Matthew Gilbert of Arctic Village, Alaska The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has been an unattainable goal for all the pro-development politicians and activists for one reason: it is an impractical and unethical goal. The argument I […] Read more >

At Home in the Arctic Refuge: An Inupiaq Perspective

9/26/2005 // By NWF

A guest post by Robert Thompson, Inupiaq resident of Kaktovik and wilderness guide I would like to let people know why the preservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is important to me. I’m an Inupiaq person who resides within […] Read more >

Leave the Arctic Refuge Alone

9/12/2005 // By NWF

A guest post by Maggie Sharp, San Francisco I recently returned from a 10-day float down the beautiful Kongakut River. Our trip gave us plenty of time to hike in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and to experience the feeling […] Read more >

Some Places Should Be Left Unspoiled

9/8/2005 // By NWF

A guest post by Scott Freeman, Biological Sciences Technician I’m back in town after a busy and interesting 2 months working in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It’s an amazing place and an amazing experience to have the opportunity to […] Read more >

Top Spy Says Why Arctic is not Worth the Try

9/2/2005 // By Adam Kolton

The hawkish former CIA Director James Woolsey may not fit the mold of your stereotypical environmentalist. But he’s come out against Arctic drilling, arguing as other national security advocates have, that it would only exacerbate our dependence on a resource […] Read more >