Top 3 Reasons to Support ACES

TODAY’s THE DAY! Within hours, Congress is expected to vote on legislation to confront the single greatest threat to America’s wildlife and natural resources.

Please make sure your representative will help pass this groundbreaking legislation today.

Here are the top 3 reasons this bill is good for our nation’s wildlife, wild places, and you.

  1. The American Clean Energy and Security Act Will Prevent Deforestation in Developing Nations.The American Clean Energy and Security Act includes a large-scale program to secure agreements from developing nations to prevent tropical deforestation. This program will not only protect beautiful tropical rainforests from destruction, but also reduce global emissions by an amount equivalent to 10% of U.S. emissions (720 million tons CO2) annually as of the year 2020.
  2. The American Clean Energy and Security Act Increases Our Energy Security and Reduces Our Dependency on Oil.When we invest in America’s clean energy economy, we’ll be able to safeguard the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling. Arctic caribou and other wildlife will be thanking you.
  3. The Act Protects Natural Resources and Wildlife from Global Warming.The American Clean Energy and Security Act establishes the national policy framework and initial funding stream necessary to begin tackling the impacts of climate change on our natural resources. That means help will soon be on the way for moose, the American pika, and the whooping crane–wildlife that are already feeling the heat from rising global temperatures.

Excited? Today our country has a critical opportunity to take decisive action to safeguard wildlife for our children’s future. It’s going to be a close vote! So, please take just a few seconds to speak up for wildlife right now.