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Humpback Whale Inspires New Wind Turbine Design

7/20/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

A new design for wind turbine blades was inspired by a whale and a work of art. T. Goodman at reports: “Frank Fish (yes, it’s his real name), whose field just happens to be biomechanics, actually came about his […] Read more >

The Green Roadway Project: U.S. Highways As Alternative Energy Corridors

7/16/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

One way to create wind, solar and other alternative energy facilities with less impact on the environment could be to place them along highways, The Green Roadway Project is examining that possibility with the idea that every community could be […] Read more >

Green Energy Job Creation: Return On Investment Facts

7/10/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

In a detailed assessment of how many actual jobs are created for every $1 million invested in the energy sector Alt Energy Stocks has reviewed the data. Bottom line–green energy 16.7 new jobs to fossil fuel 5.5 jobs. That is […] Read more >

Wind Turbines Installed In Existing Power Line Towers

7/8/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

There are tens of thousands of miles of transmission lines in the U.S. supported by towers that could be fitted with wind turbines. Some wind energy designers are offering an approach they call the Wind-it Project. It might also reduce […] Read more >