High Altitude Wind Energy ‘Hot Spots’ Studied

KitesflyingiHigh altitude wind generation is getting more serious attention these days and a new study assesses some wind energy “hot spots” in the heavens.

Stuart Fox at PopSci.com reports:

“With the US granting wind power plant leases off the coasts of New Jersey and Delaware, the UK planning to overtake nuclear power with wind in five years, and even coal loving China getting in on the act, all the talk about wind power these days has focused on offshore wind farms. However, a new study suggests that the wind power mother lode may be up in the sky, not off in the sea. Sure, high altitude wind power isn’t the newest idea in the world. Not only has the tech been around for a couple of years, but companies like Kite Gen and Sky WindPower are already trying to break into the market. However, this study is the first to identify the best spots to place the high-flying turbines.”

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