The Green Roadway Project: U.S. Highways As Alternative Energy Corridors

Green%20Roadway%20Illus One way to create wind, solar and other alternative energy facilities with less impact on the environment could be to place them along highways, The Green Roadway Project is examining that possibility with the idea that every community could be served and electric vehicles could be easily recharged. (Image: model of a recharging station) reports:

“The Green Roadway™ is a comprehensive end-to-end system of unique installations and configurations for creating, gathering and distributing solar, geothermal or wind energy along roadways. The technology could be implemented on the right-of-way along interstate highways, local roads and even railways.

The new energy bill passed by the House requires reductions in carbon emissions and establishes “Cap & Trade,” which makes The Green Roadway well-positioned, as The Green Roadway has the potential to generate billions of dollars worth of offset and tax credits as installed systems. The systems also seize on another tenet of the energy bill by providing power and technology to electric vehicles and charging stations.” See full article >>