Calling the Presidentials…

What do Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain have in common?  Yes, they’re all running for President (thank you, Captain Obvious), but they also all strongly differ from the Bush Administration by supporting comprehensive global warming solutions.  They also all have a chance to put their vote where their mouth is by voting for the Climate Security Act.

Unfortunately, none have them been voting very much, prefering to put Iowa corn dogs, Pennsylvania whiskey, and food from the next primary state where their mouth is.  According to the League of Conservation Voters scorecard, of the top 15 environmental votes in 2007, Clinton and Obama each missed 4 votes and John McCain missed a whooping 15. Yep, McCain didn’t make (or take) one environmental vote last year.

While I recognize the need to campaign, doing your current job should be important too.  So let’s see who bothers to show up next week and vote for what they say the support.  (Special thanks to today’s NYTimes editorial, which said the same thing – but without the corn dogs and whiskey.)

Published: May 30, 2008