May, 2009

Kicking Off the Week with Two Key Climate Hearings

It’s a busy day for climate action in the DC area! On Capitol Hill, the House Energy and Commerce Committee will begin debating and amending the American Clean Energy and … Read more

Into the Belly of the Beast – Schweiger Takes on Conservative Radio Host

Real leadership is uncomfortable. It involves the willingness to do whatever it takes to promote truth – even if it means walking right into enemy territory – right into the … Read more

Take Friday to Think About Endangered Species

Last week, the Senate passed a resolution declaring today, May 15, as Endangered Species Day. It’s a day for all of us wildlife enthusiasts (and those who are still joining … Read more

Waxman-Markey’s Renewable Energy Standard: Tough Enough?

I’m one of the contributors over at the National Journal’s Energy & Environment Experts Blog. Here’s the question posed today: Does the [Waxman-Markey] proposal go far enough to promote the … Read more

Tending To Trees

‘Tis the season for greening, growing, budding and blooming. The trees in my neighborhood now sport tufts of tender leaves like bright spring hairdos. Yup, May is the month for … Read more

NWF: “Massive Momentum” Behind Climate & Clean Energy Bill

House Democrats have unveiled the details of comprehensive clean energy & climate legislation that could come up for a vote in a matter of days. Here’s what Joe Mendelson, the … Read more

CWRU to Experiment with Freshwater Turbine

In Case Western Reserve University’s (CWRU) home state of Ohio, “Coal is like pennies,” says Linda Robson, Case Western’s campus planning and operations research fellow for energy studies. In a … Read more

St. Thomas University Prepares Lawyers to Take on Environmental Issues

A small but steadily growing legal discipline is training lawyers to defend one of the world’s most underrepresented clients: the environment. Though several law schools have added legal certificates or … Read more

Canvassing the Climate: Art Takes Its Own Approach to Science

Collaboration is the new black these days, as diverse individuals and departments at a variety of educational institutions come together on issues of climate change. The results are innovative, striking, … Read more

Community Colleges Step Up to Train Clean Energy Workers

(Ed. Note: portions of this article were originally published at WorldChanging) As unemployment numbers continue to creep up and universities make ever more draconian budget cuts, it may be surprising … Read more