May, 2009

10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media

At National Wildlife Federation we are very serious about protecting wildlife for our children’s future. That’s why we are very active on social media sites, because we know that there … Read more

Waxman Ready to Show Cards on ACES?

The National Wildlife Federation has been lobbying hard to help build support for strong provisions in the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. Now Grist reports Democrats have … Read more

NJ Volunteers Fight to Save Piping Plovers

A National Wildlife Federation expert was quoted in a recent New York Times article on New Jersey's efforts to monitor its piping plover population: Because piping plovers nest directly on … Read more

Taylor Francis TV Show

I want to share this TV clip of Taylor Francis, who is being recognized as one of 6 courageous people changing the planet. I first met Taylor when he was … Read more

Will Steger Foundation’s Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

The Will Steger Foundation is having a Summer Institute for Climate Change Education in August. This Institute will provide an opportunity for educators to increase their comfort level for teaching … Read more

Moms Gone Wild!

Motherhood is a life-changing experience for humans and wildlife alike. Wildlife mothers devote precious resources to finding a mate, digging dens, building nests, giving birth and protecting and feeding their … Read more

California Facing $3 Billion in Agricultural Losses

  A recent article Warming could choke ag highlights findings that water shortages could lead to $3 billion in agricultural losses by 2050 in California if current trends continue. The … Read more

Disappointing Decision on Polar Bear Protection

The decision is in, and it’s not what we were hoping for. The Obama administration has announced it will stick with the Bush administration’s regulation weakening protections for the threatened … Read more

AEI: You Can Think Polar Bears are Cute. Or Threatened. But Not Both.

While we’re waiting on a decision from the Obama administration on protecting polar bears, I thought I’d  pass along this little laugher from the American Enterprise Institute: The National Wildlife … Read more

Polar Bear Protection Decision Due

UPDATE 10:27am: Hearing we may get a decision this morning. I’ll keep you updated. A critical decision is expected any minute now from the Obama administration: A decision involving the … Read more