May, 2009

Rep. Pence’s Five Seconds of Silence

Five seconds doesn’t seem like a long time. Heck, it took me that long to type that sentence. But when you’re behind a microphone at a press conference, five seconds … Read more

What Are We Waiting For?

There’s nothing like going to a college campus to remind you about what’s really at stake. The University of St. Thomas Students for Sustainability invited me to the campus to … Read more

Reusing: Better than Recycling

Every spring we see a rash of stories on end-of-the-semester cleanouts in dorms and student apartments. As students leave for the summer, dumpsters fill up with perfectly good lamps, textbooks, … Read more

Five Questions: What’s Happening on the International Environmental Education Scene?

Debra Rowe, president of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development, answers 5 questions from us on the latest trends in international education for sustainability: CE: You just got … Read more

NWF: GOP Leaders Resurrect Cheney Energy Plan

House Republicans are holding a mock climate hearing today in the Capitol Visitors Center. Here’s what Joe Mendelson, the National Wildlife Federation’s global warming policy director has to say about … Read more

Obama to Huddle with House Dems on Clean Energy Bill

President Obama is calling all 36 Democrats from the House Energy & Commerce Committee to a meeting at the White House today: A White House aide said Obama plans to … Read more

House GOP Holding “Mock” Climate Hearing

Mocking the climate crisis? Mocking the political process? A little of both, I guess. Reports Politico: While Democrats bicker over a sweeping climate change bill, Republicans are going rogue, crafting … Read more