July, 2009

New Jobs at Solar Mirror Plant in Pittsburgh

If Congress enacts a new energy policy that caps global warming pollution, America could produce millions of new clean energy jobs like the jobs being created at the new solar … Read more

Worst Year Ever for Coral Bleaching?

A new report warns 2009 could become the worst year ever for coral bleaching, thanks to rising ocean temperatures: Scientists are concerned that bleaching may reach the same levels or … Read more

Outdoor Kids: “Forced” Family Fun

Forcing fun isn’t really possible, but when my kids are having trouble peeling themselves away from video games, I have been known to put my foot down and take them … Read more

Meet The Giant Coconut Crab

On certain Pacific Islands there is a species of land crab that is quite large. They are slow moving, generally nocturnal and remain hidden during the day to emerge at … Read more

Will China and India Race Past America on Clean Energy?

OK, so did you catch the irony on this one? In Friday’s Washington Post, Economy and Business section: Top half of the page: Fed Sees Heightened Joblessness Drawing Out Recovery … Read more

New Analysis: Climate Bill Good for Farmers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has just released a new analysis of the American Clean Energy & Security (ACES) Act. It’s great news for farmers and ranchers, showing the bill … Read more

Mosquitoes, Part 1

It’s Mosquito Time! Summer is the prime time for one of our least favorite insects: mosquitoes.  With the wet spring and early summer in many parts of the country, mosquito … Read more

The Best Birthday Present Ever — Protected Wildlife

I am writing to thank you for the best birthday I have ever had in my 25 years of life. I am forever touched by the amazing people I get … Read more

Navajo Nation Forms Green Jobs Commission

The Navajo Nation Council recognizes they need to diversify their economy and address profound joblessness. Green jobs look promising. High Country News reports: “The Council passed the legislation by a … Read more

Energy From Bumps In the Road

A group of MIT undergraduate students who recognized that electric power in hybrid vehicles can come from applying brakes wondered if the vehicle’s suspension system might offer similar promise. Alternative-energy-news.info … Read more