July, 2009

Economic Message of the Week: China and U.S. Launch Joint Clean Energy Research Project

The earth's leading greenhouse gas emitters are taking substantive steps toward clean energy innovation. The United States and China announced plans on a joint clean energy research center, a compromise … Read more

Project Links Global Warming to National Security Threats

Former Senator John Warner (R-VA) teamed up with the Pew Environment Group last week to announce a new project highlighting the links between national security threats and global warming. "Leading … Read more

Instant 'Tea': Faux Protest Tactics Revealed

It appears that some of the 'tea party' protests springing up across the US are less a product of raw populist indignation than a coordinated smokescreen operation. An organization calling … Read more

Week Two: A “Bugly” Scavenger Hunt

Bugs are everywhere in nature, regardless of whether you’re a city dweller or a country dweller. I encourage you to take a walk with your kids and see just what you can find as you embark on a Bugly Scavenger Hunt. Read more

Sen. EPW Hearing: New Jobs vs. Dirty Fuels

I’m over at DailyKos today live-blogging the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee’s hearing, “Clean Energy Jobs, Climate-Related Policies and Economic Growth – State and Local Views.” Come on over … Read more

The American Crow Is One Smart Bird

Crows are interesting and smart. How much?  Now there is a question. Blane Klemek, of the Bemidji Pioneer reports: “An interesting part of crows’ behavior is their sense of community … Read more

$12 billion to go to community colleges

Last week, President Obama announced the creation of the American Graduation Initiative, which is expected to funnel $12 billion to community colleges to educate underemployed or unemployed workers in preparation … Read more

Humpback Whale Inspires New Wind Turbine Design

A new design for wind turbine blades was inspired by a whale and a work of art. T. Goodman at InventorSpot.com reports: “Frank Fish (yes, it’s his real name), whose … Read more

Trying to Fire the Climate Czar

It’s offensive that Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) tried to fire President Obama’s “climate czar” Carol Browner and the staff of the Council on Environmental Quality yesterday by offering an amendment … Read more

Brief TV Profile of Wildlife Gardener And Her Terrific Garden

In a KLRU TV short, Elayne Langsford, from central Texas, shows us her beautiful and peaceful garden and how NWF’s Certified Wildlife Habitat® programs contribute to a better life for her, … Read more