July, 2009

California Earthquake Causes Massive Squid Wash-Up

A recent California earthquake beached numerous squid causing public alarm. San Diego News report: “Dozens of dazed Humboldt squid, which were roughly three- to four-feet long and weighed close to … Read more

Water Quality as a Way of Life

Here’s a story for the history books: In 1983, our government set water planning policies that determined how we create water projects–and they’re still in place today. But as you … Read more

UK’s New Low-Carbon Industrial Plan — 500,000 New Jobs

A new industrial plan developed in the UK predicts lower greenhouse gas emissions and a half million new jobs by 2020. Kat Baker for PerssonnelToday.com reports: “As part of the … Read more

The Green Roadway Project: U.S. Highways As Alternative Energy Corridors

One way to create wind, solar and other alternative energy facilities with less impact on the environment could be to place them along highways, The Green Roadway Project is examining … Read more

Reflection from Prince William Sound

Just weeks before the nation’s largest, most destructive oil spill, I flew over Prince William Sound and marveled at its raw untrammeled beauty in mid-winter. It has been twenty years … Read more

30 Years Later, Finally Time for Change?

I was really struck by the piece by Gordon Stewart in the New York Times today, Carter’s Speech Therapy. Stewart reminds us that it was 30 years ago today when … Read more

Video: CAP’s Joe Romm on ACES

Here’s an interview with Joe Romm, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and blogger at Climate Progress. Joe’s a fascinating player in the clean energy & climate legislation … Read more

Ohio Senator Demands EPA Fudge ACES Numbers

You have to check out this letter. It’s from Sen. George Voinovich to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson. Sen. Voinovich is informing Jackson that he’s refusing to let her … Read more

Quote of the Week

"I know that in the past the has sometimes fallen short of meeting our responsibilities. Let me be clear: those days are over."   —President Obama, pledging America's commitment to … Read more

Highlight of the Week – Senate Prepares to Answer Call With New Energy Legislation

It's still early in session for the U.S. Senate, but you wouldn't know it by the progress being made on clean energy leMomentum has picked up quickly on a Senate … Read more