The Best Birthday Present Ever — Protected Wildlife

I am writing to thank you for the best birthday I have ever had in my 25 years of life. I am forever touched by the amazing people I get to meet as Social Media Outreach Coordinator for NWF, but this year really took the cake! (*ha, pun). Within a few short days, I was able to raise $825.00 for my organization with your help! I’ve never had such an important birthday.

On top of all the generous donations, I was given many birthday wishes from my friends via Facebook and Twitter–so thank you all so very much for making my birthday a very special day.

A big thanks to my birthday donors!
Birthday cause

Pictured: Michael Sola, Ann Brigida, Nancy Heltman, Kristin Johnson, Bob Thomas, Kristen Ward, Evan C. Parker, Jaime Matyas, Jonathon Colman, Kara Ball, Molly Anglin, Elizabeth Wallace, Eryn Starun, Anne Keisman, Lorien Smith Johnson, Steve MacLaughlin, Tracy Tran, Chad Norman, Ann Gloyn, Joanna Lang, Ben Brigida, Michael Hoffman, Jessica Cera, David Krumlauf, Jaime Tamez, and James Towner.

Kevin Coyle was also extremely kind and donated over 200 dollars to NWF in my birthday’s honor!

To all of you who tweeted about the cause and spread the word! You are all so dear to me!

And of course all of you who wrote on my Facebook wall. Thank you so much! You all truly made me feel like I am making a difference!

If you are on Facebook and are interested in donating your birthday to the National Wildlife Federation it only takes a few seconds of your time.

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Published: July 22, 2009