July, 2009

Shanghai Calling: International Collaboration for Sustainability

Collaborative, international climate change action is on the rise, thanks to people like Xiangyu Zhao. Known as “Shane” to English-speaking friends, Xiangyu Zhao is an international student at Franklin & … Read more

Cutting the Commute to Reduce Emissions

Weekly hooky has become a regular occurrence for library staff on the Georgetown University campus. Of course, they have the permission of their supervisors. That’s because their absence is part … Read more

New White House Report: Green Jobs on Track for Future Growth

A new White House economic advisers report looks at employment through 2016 and finds that the health and green job sectors are growing. Associated Press reports: “President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic … Read more

Facebook Fans Love to Read!

Our fans on Facebook share their favorite children’s books about the outdoors. Read more

Sen. Brown Won’t Filibuster Climate Bill

Great news on Senate prospects for comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation: Despite opposing cloture on a previous cap and trade bill, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) says that–whether he supports … Read more

Two-Minute Video: An AZ. Man Who Feeds Thousands of Hummingbirds (In A Day)

Jesse Hendrix has a ranch in Arizona along the migration route for many species of hummingbirds.  During the peak of migration, as many as 9,000 hummers will visit him in … Read more

See The World’s New, To-The-Second, Green House Gas Tracker

In New York City there is a large digital display that tracks the national debt to the second.  Building on that idea Deutche Bank has recently erected a similar display … Read more

Minute and Half Film: Baby Sea Turtles Released in Mexico

Here’s something that will help you smile. A Malibu (CA) based turtle rescue organization has instituted World Turtle Day — (It was May 23, 2009). American Tortoise Rescue, has found … Read more

Green Energy Job Creation: Return On Investment Facts

In a detailed assessment of how many actual jobs are created for every $1 million invested in the energy sector Alt Energy Stocks has reviewed the data. Bottom line–green energy … Read more

New Retrofit Kit To Make Your Car Into A Hybrid

A former IBM engineer has designed a kit that can transform existing automobiles into hybrids. The kit would place an electric motor inside each wheel so that a majority of … Read more