August, 2009

Economic Message of the Week: Sen. Tim Johnson Urges Energy Legislation for New Job Opportunities

Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) registered his support for comprehensive clean energy legislation, emphasizing the benefits of a strengthened wind energy infrastructure both nationally and at a state level. In a … Read more

Big Oil Takes Cue From Town Hall Mobs

Mimicking the recent spate of obstructionist rallies organized to protest health care reform, big oil and allies are coordinating demonstrations to snuff out constructive clean energy legislation, allegedly asking  employees … Read more

Water Pollution Dampens Summer Fun

August: the month where every spare moment is spent around water—swimming, fishing, boating, beachcombing. As summer wanes, you might consider how much clean streams, lakes and beaches mean to you … Read more

Another Day, Another Case of Polluter-Paid “Outrage”

The New York Times reports on a yet another case of phony protests against the American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) Act. This time, Big Oil bussed in its employees … Read more

USA TODAY covers sustainability majors

USA TODAY has a new story on campus sustainability, focused on the rise of degree programs that prepare students to work in sustainability fields, such as green construction or sustainable … Read more

Unusual Occurrence: Whale Sharks Off Alabama Coast

Whale sharks, the largest of all fish, are rarely spotted and when they are — it is in deep water.  So what brings them to Alabama? Ben Raines at reports: “But … Read more

Two Million Young People Calling On The World To Tackle Climate Change

More than 2 million young people worldwide are expected to speak out on global warming during a Thursday August 20th Tunza conference. reports: “For the first time, young committed people from all continents, … Read more

Americans Want Real Change

In my travels and conversations this summer I continue to hear from Americans who want a real change in our country’s energy direction. Over and over again I’m hearing what … Read more

Your Child’s “Happy Place”

How often do you visit your “happy place?” It’s that spot in which you feel safe, centered, joyous, soothed–and it’s all in your mind. For many adults, it’s a place … Read more

Big Coal Denies Astroturfing by Citing…Astroturfing

Supporters of clean energy have been calling out front groups for polluters, who’ve been spending big money on ginning up phony opposition to the American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) … Read more