August, 2009

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

If I gave you a panther, a polar bear and a bar-tailed godwit, and gave you 30 seconds to figure out which animal is not like the other, you could … Read more

Reporting from the 3rd Annual Butte College Sustainability Conference

Butte College’s 3rd annual sustainability conference opened with a welcome from the school’s president, Dr. Diana Van Der Ploeg. Her speech exhorted attendees to remember that sustainability is as much … Read more

Not Allowed in “Families for Coal” Group: Families

I hopped in the National Wildlife Federation Prius yesterday to drive from our headquarters in Reston, VA to the Netroots Nation blogger conference here in Pittsburgh, PA. Every 30 miles … Read more

Chimpanzee Archeology: Tool-Use Shows That Humans and Apes Closer Than Thought

When archeologists began to look at chimpanzees and their longstanding use of tools, some conventional thinking about the separation between man and beast got a little fuzzier.   Science reports: … Read more

350 New Plant and Wildlife Species Discovered In The Himalayan Region

A decade of surveying in the Himalayas has brought some wonderful surprises to the wildlife and nature conservation world. reports: “Over 350 new species, including the world’s smallest deer, … Read more

Wood Storks Make Rare Appearances In Arkansas

Wood stork populations have been increasing in Florida and other gulf states but they also seem to be moving up to Arkansas these days. Joe Mosby at the reports: … Read more

Facilities and the Educational Experience

“These green buildings have propelled us into the educational experience,” says Paul Matthews, vice president of facilities maintenance during yesterday’s green campus tour of Saint Xavier University and University of … Read more

Highlight of the Week: EIA Analysis Finds Cost of Energy Bill Low

A new government study comes to the same conclusion as most others: clean energy legislation would cost little for the average consumer. According to the Energy Information Administration, the nation's foremost … Read more

Economic Message of the Week: Businesses Support Clean Energy Job Bill

A group of 150 trade associations and manufacturers is backing a piece of legislation it says will increase the number of green manufacturing jobs in the U.S. The Apollo Alliance, a … Read more

Electric Car is Game-Changer on Road

The Chevy Volt, GM’s much anticipated foray into the electric car market, was officially announced Monday. According to company representatives, the car will get 230 miles per gallon in the … Read more