Americans Want Real Change

NWF   |   August 18, 2009

08-19-09 men installing solar panel In my travels and conversations this summer I continue to hear from Americans who want a real change in our country’s energy direction. Over and over again I’m hearing what was also found in a recent Zogby survey – that folks are ready for a new energy plan that creates jobs and enhances America’s energy independence.

The American Clean Energy and Security Act recently passed by Congress combines a clean energy plan, an energy efficiency plan and a global warming plan that will set America on a path of global warming action, create millions of new clean energy jobs and enhance America’s energy independence.

National Wildlife Federation developed a Toolbox Assessment of the American Clean Energy and Security Act. This Toolbox is an excellent framework to track this legislation as it moves forward and keep America on track to create millions of clean energy jobs. Isn’t it time to get on with it?

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Published: August 18, 2009