Big Coal Denies Astroturfing by Citing…Astroturfing

AstroturfSupporters of clean energy have been calling out front groups for polluters, who’ve been spending big money on ginning up phony opposition to the American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) Act.

Now one of those front groups, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), is taking offense to the accusations of “astroturfing” (paying to build fake grassroots support):

The fact is, we have more than 225,000 community leaders (including 30,000 local elected officials) who are a part of our America’s Power Citizen Army. These people volunteer their time to promote the message of affordable energy for Americans and the timely legislation that protects it. […]

Want proof? Here are some posts inspired by the notes of our grassroots volunteers, talking to every day Americans who really do believe that we can bring new technologies to the marketplace to reduce emissions, and drive down the cost of deploying these technologies so as to protect access to affordable, reliable energy for American businesses and families.

Just one problem. The stories ACCCE goes on to cite as proof of its “grassroots volunteers” feature virtually all paid staffers — the very type of astroturfing ACCCE was claiming to refute.

Once again, a polluter front group proves it’s willing to do or say anything to stop clean energy. Tell the Senate we need action, not obstruction.

Photo via Flickr’s JulieTverni