A Tiny Battery That Stores Enough Solar Energy To Run A House For 24 Hours

Sodium-sulfur-batteries-utah_NFX9P_69 A new battery is helping to store enough power to greatly improve the overall effectiveness of alternative energy.

Times of India reports:

“A Utah-based company has found a new way to store solar energy – in a small ceramic disk which can store more power for less. Researchers at Ceramatec have created the disk, which can hold up to 20-kilowatt hours, enough to power an entire house for a large portion of the day. The new battery runs on sodium-sulfur — a composition that typically operates at greater than 600°F. “Sodium-sulfur is more energetic than lead-acid, so if you can somehow get it to a lower temperature, it would be valuable for residential use”, Ralph Brodd, an independent energy conversion consultant, says. Ceramatec’s new battery runs at less than 200°F. ” See full article >>

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Published: August 6, 2009