December, 2009

A Sense of Hope for the Great Lakes

The state of Michigan gave everyone who cares about the future of the Great Lakes an early Christmas gift today when it took the Asian carp debacle to the U.S. … Read more

The Copenhagen Climate Accord Summarized In Six Key Points

   The Copenhagen Climate Accord has a number of key provisions.  The following is a quick summary set out by U.S. Journalist Keith Schneider  1. Developed nations have committed to … Read more

The 10X Factor

By Larry J. Schweiger Jon Isham, a passionate warrior shares his insightful reflections of Copenhagen. I particularly agree with Jessy Tolkan of Energy Action Coalition’s 10x factor. There were 100,000 … Read more

Go Leilani Munter

By Larry J. Schweiger Leilani Munter, professional race car driver, environmentalist, ambassador for National Wildlife Federation and one of my heroes, continues her race against global warming. Go, Leilani. Read more

See The Draft Text Of The Copenhagen Global Climate Accord

As indicated by NWF's Christine Dorsey's report, there will be considerable discussion of the overall success and long-term meaning of the 192-nation global climate in Copenhagen. Many who have seen the … Read more

Copenhagen Outcome: Not Done Yet

By Larry J. Schweiger Regarding today‚Äôs outcome at the Copenhagen climate negotiations, I applaud President Obama for his determination to not let these talks fail and his success working with … Read more

We’re Not Done Yet!

It’s been a whirlwind in Copenhagen. World leaders are close to concluding two weeks of intense climate negotiations in Copenhagen today, resulting in a political agreement that has fallen short … Read more

New Poll Reveals Broad, Deep Support for Climate Action

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll reveals some amazing numbers about support for clean energy & climate legislation — two-thirds of Americans support federal limits on global warming pollution. Read more

The Grinchiest of Grinches

It takes a special someone, a special kind of Grinch, to steal clean energy jobs and refuse to support the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Here in Michigan, like in … Read more

End oil and coal subsidies to help the poor deal with consequences

By Larry J. Schweiger Great statement about how eliminating subsidies to big oil could nearly fund international adaptation proposal. That is a win-win… Read more