December, 2009

Go Young Leaders of the World!

By  Larry J. Schweiger Jessy Tolkan with Energy Action Coalition catching leaders of the US Codel with her flipcam. Go Jessy… Go young leaders of the world! Read more

By Larry J. Schweiger Green Groups from around the world have a tradition of identifying bad actors. Canada is the big loser because it is producing oil from tar sands … Read more

The Real Story on Climate Finance

By Larry J. Schweiger As we await word here in Copenhagen about a possible climate deal, Eric Haxthausen with The Nature Conservancy highlights in his National Journal blog “The Real … Read more

Can You Imagine a World Without Polar Bears?

By: Larry J. Schweiger Can you imagine telling your kids and grandkids about a world where there used to be polar bears? National Wildlife Federation’s new report Double Trouble for … Read more

Obama to Copenhagen: Ladies and Gentlemen, There is No Time to Waste

By Larry J. Schweiger Here is the Full Transcript of President Obama’s remarks to Copenhagen climate talks as he delivered them today. Remarks by the President at the Morning Plenary … Read more

8 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Outdoor Holiday Tradition

Let’s face it: It might feel a bit claustrophobic in the house at this time of year—with the kids underfoot, relatives hovering over you, and the strain of cooking, cleaning, shopping, … Read more

Climate Pranksters Again Target US Chamber

Climate activists with Greenpeace have pranked the Chamber, putting up “global warming crime scene” tape around its DC headquarters. Read more

Highlight of the Week: Senators Offer 'Tripartisan' Framework for Climate and Energy Legislation

As talks heat up in Copenhagen, leaders stateside are speaking out on behalf of clean energy. Senators John Kerry (D-MA), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Joe Lieberman (I-CT), have sent President … Read more

Economic Message of the Week: DOE Loan Guarantee to Mercury-Cutting Company

The Department of Energy has announced the offer of a loan guarantee to a manufacturer of equipment to reduce some of the most harmful byproducts associated with a dirty fuel source. Red … Read more

Editorial of the Week: We All Have a Stake in Curbing Warming in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nations should look to the potential of green technology and conservation efforts to create new jobs that can help with economic recovery and reduce human impact on climate change. Wisconsin's … Read more