December, 2009

Economic Message of the Week: CBO: Clean Energy Bill Would Create $21B Surplus

According to the Congressional Budget Office, energy and climate legislation passed by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee last month would create a $21 billion surplus over the course … Read more

Editorial of the Week: Copenhagen, and Beyond in the New York Times

The hard work has only begun, in Washington and elsewhere. But Copenhagen's achievements are not trivial, given the complexity of the issue and the differences among rich and poor countries. … Read more

U.S. Pledges $100B for Developing Nations' Global Warming Aid

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in Copenhagen that the U.S. will contribute to a $100 billion fund to help developing nations deal with global warming provided that an effective … Read more

Double Trouble for Polar Bears: Melting Arctic Sea Ice and Offshore Oil Development

The combination of near-record Arctic sea-ice loss and continued development of oil and gas in proposed polar bear critical habitat spells double trouble for Alaska's polar bears, according to a … Read more

Study Suggests Greater Sea Level Rise

According to a new study in Nature, unchecked global warming may bring greater sea level rise than previously projected. Unless global warming is limited, sea level rise in centuries ahead … Read more

Report: More Smart Meters in Clean Energy Economy

According to a new report by Vice President Biden, the number of U.S. homes with smart meters will jump almost fivefold by 2015 as part of the move to a … Read more

U.S. and Other Countries to Research Farm Emissions

The U.S. and 20 other countries will collaborate on a "research alliance" to research and reduce carbon emissions from farms, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced in Copenhagen. "Just as climate … Read more

Mayors Call for Ambitious Climate Deal

Mayors from major cities around the world signed a resolution calling for a comprehensive and "ambitious" accord to institute and enforce carbon pollution cuts, spurning the notion that difficult economic … Read more

Pope: Environmental Issues are Human Rights Issues

Pope Benedict XVI, whose papacy has seen the Vatican take steps toward reducing carbon pollution and improving overall sustainability, is calling for action to protect global natural resources and curb … Read more

Copenhagen Days 4-5 (Weekend and a Surprise Encounter)

Saturday, December 12 (Day 4) Still adjusting to the 6 hour difference between Copenhagen and Atlanta, so I slept in and missed my chance to hear Dr. Vandana Shiva speak. … Read more