Do You Have A Favorite Animal Olympian?

02-23-10 Arctic_tern_Tasha_DiMarzio_340x228 By Larry J. Schweiger

I’ve been enjoying the Olympics this week, watching the amazing physical abilities, grace and beauty of the Olympic athletes. But for wildlife, their strength, speed and agility aren’t for winning medals, they are about survival.

Tomorrow National Wildlife Federation’s Dave Mizejewski will appear on the Today show with Kathi Lee and Hoda. He’ll be on around 10:40 am eastern. Dave will be joined by some of his animal friends and will share their unique adaptations that help them survive.

You can watch Dave and cast your vote for your favorite Animal Olympian at National Wildlife Federation’s Animal Olympian poll. My favorite? It has to be the Arctic tern, which flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again each year – without even a plane ticket or a suitcase. Amazing.