July, 2010

Parents: How to Start an Outdoor Playgroup

Tips to make outdoor play dates part of your family’s routine Read more

“Politico” Ad Calls on President to Stop Dirty Fuels Pipeline

NWF, Sierra Club and NRDC are stepping up the pressure on the White House to intervene and stop construction of the massive and dangerous Keystone XL pipeline that would further … Read more

Big Oil or Clean Energy: Who Does Your Senator Go To Bat For?

With Major League Baseball’s All-Stars set to take the field tonight, the National Wildlife Federation is highlighting the U.S. Senate’s biggest clean energy stars — as well as its Big … Read more

Dirty Faces The Decision: Watch This Week’s NWF Climate Capsule

With the popularity of LeBron James’ televised special to announce his choice of a new team, we decided to use the same format to put Dirty the Global Warming Denying Sock Puppet on the spot.
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How to Clean Our Air and Reduce Government Spending

By Larry J. Schweiger In addition to cleaning up our air pollution that causes global warming, the American Power Act will reduce America’s federal government spending by $19 billion over … Read more

(Watch) Dirty Tar Sands Draws Protests Around Nation

“Keep your tar sands in the soil, We don’t want your dirty oil,” was the chant of protesters outside of the Canadian embassy in Washington as they demanded Canada and … Read more

More Problems Reported with BP Wildlife Distress Hotline

The National Wildlife Federation has already documented repeated incidents of trouble reporting oiled wildlife to the BP Wildlife Distress Hotline. More than two months into the BP oil disaster, we … Read more

President Obama: I Miss My Green Hour

Why’s it so important for parents & their kids to spend time outdoors? For President Obama, it’s as simple as having some time to think.
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Global Warming Emissions to Rise this Year

You might think that with all of the effort to jump start the clean energy economy and in the midst of an economic slow down that the U.S. would be … Read more

American Power Act Gets Big Boost From Budget Experts

The American Power Act, sponsored by Senators John Kerry & Joe Lieberman, got a big boost today from the people who analyze the dollars & cents in federal legislation: Congressional … Read more