July, 2010

Freshman Senators Buck Old Guard, Call for Strong Climate Action

The new blood in the Senate wants comprehensive climate action. Freshman Democrats wrote the majority leader today saying that “America’s current energy policy is untenable,”  and that the “scale of … Read more

National Academies Report Warns of Climate Emissions Crisis

This post was written by NWF climate scientist Dr. Amanda Staudt. As the US Senate prepares to consider clean energy and climate legislation, a new report lays out in novel … Read more

7 Tips to Safely Introduce Your Baby to the Outdoors

Mosquitoes, poison ivy, sunburn… get tips on making the outdoors fun and safe for your baby Read more

Family Sunscreen Guide

Tips to have fun in the sun safely Read more

Just Saying No to the Dirtiest Fuel on the Planet

By Larry J. Schweiger I was pleased to see so many clean energy advocates, landowners, and activists uniting to say no to a proposed, risky canadian dirty oil pipeline that … Read more

Tell President Obama: Wildlife Can’t Wait

By Larry J. Schweiger Haven’t wildlife been through enough lately, with the really tough impacts in the Gulf on top of the other challenges they are facing?  There’s a chance … Read more

Melting Capitol Ice Sculpture Begs Question – Where’s Senator Inhofe?

Remember when Senator James Inhofe built that igloo (see picture) near the Capitol after a February snowstorm in Washington, DC?  It was more or less a monument to disinformation on climate … Read more

How Cap & Trade Would Help Wildlife (Or: Cap Pollution, Trade Otters!)

Over at The New Republic’s The Vine, Brad Plumer discusses how sea otters make the case for capping carbon pollution & allowing trading of pollution permits: Let’s say Congress enacted … Read more

Tell President Obama: Wildlife Can’t Wait

Watch this video, then please take a moment to tell President Obama we need action on clean energy & carbon pollution limits now: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtbJjwuRiFg&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Read more

“Please keep me anonymous”

This post was written by Amanda Moore, NWF’s Coastal Louisiana Organizer in New Orleans. I never get used to the “Please keep me anonymous,” sign-off on emails from my fisherman … Read more