August, 2010

Football & Fashion: Two Companies Tackle Gulf Restoration

Between years of neglect, Katrina’s devastation & the Gulf oil disaster, there’s plenty of heartache in working to restore coastal Louisiana. But there ain’t a lotta glory. That’s why it … Read more

Summertime First Aid: Poison Plants

Defend your family from the “itchy plants” — poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak Read more

Turtle Toll Tops a Thousand as Oil Disaster Impacts Multiply

Since the Gulf oil gusher was capped, wildlife impacts have actually gotten significantly worse. That seems counter-intuitive. But it’s exactly what wildlife officials are finding along the Gulf Coast: [W]ildlife … Read more

Summertime First Aid: Jellyfish Stings

Next time you or a family member gets stung: Be prepared Read more

This Just In: NWF Overflight Finds Discolorations In Chandeleur Sound

Some breaking news from the National Wildlife Federation’s Louisiana staffers: On Sunday, August 8th, NWF staff did an overflight of the oil spill (thanks to SouthWings). Leaving out of New … Read more

Eco-Schools USA Case Study: Lincoln Elementary Goes Green

  Students at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Chicago are taking part in the HSBC Eco-Schools USA Climate Initiative, and making huge strides towards greening their school! Amy Andrews, a … Read more

CNN Video: Gulf Oil Disaster Update From Off Venice, La.

The National Wildlife Federation’s Maura Wood took a CNN crew out on the Gulf of Mexico yesterday. Here’s what they found: Help ensure NWF has the funding needed to … Read more

Tar Sands Pipeline Company Admits Playing Fast and Loose with Safety

Canadian oil giant TransCanada will abandon, for now, its bid to pump dirty tar sands oil at higher than normal pressures. They sought a waiver from normal safety procedures, until … Read more

If Someone Asks If Gulf Oil Disaster Is Over, What Should You Tell Them?

The year of the Exxon Valdez oil disaster in Alaska in 1989, the stocks of herring, a critical fish to Alaska’s ecosystem & economy, stayed fairly steady. The next year? … Read more

Reported Progress Encouraging, But Gulf Oil Disaster Goes On

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association (NOAA) announced today that about half of the petroleum in the Gulf oil disaster has been captured, evaporated, burned or skimmed, with another quarter … Read more