August, 2010

Nature Q&A: How Do Water Striders “walk” on Water?

Part 3 of 3 Read more

Nature Q&A: How Do Birds Stay Cool in The Summer?

With these cool secrets up your sleeve, you’ll be sure to spark a sense of wonder in your child. Part 2 of 3. Read more

Nature Q&A: What Are Clouds Made Of?

With these cool secrets up your sleeve, you’ll be sure to spark a sense of wonder in your child. Part 1 of 3. Read more

Ryan Theriot and the Cubs Come to Bat for Wildlife Impacted by the Oil Spill

Even as the impact of the Gulf oil spill continues to be felt across communities and ecosystems, the Chicago Cubs, led by Louisiana-native Ryan Theriot, stepped up to the plate … Read more

New Questions About NOAA’s “Oil’s Gone” Report

Huffington Post reports on some new questions surrounding this month’s controversial NOAA report that led to hundreds of premature “the oil’s all gone” news stories: Back at the report’s unveiling … Read more

Massive Oil Lobby Spending Sets Stage for Bogus “Citizen” Rallies

The oil and gas industry went hog wild with lobbying in 2009 to defeat climate legislation and industry reforms, says a series of reports this week from the independent Center for Responsive … Read more

Alaska Embraces Renewable Energy for Homes, Businesses

Great news from Jim Adams, Regional Executive Director in National Wildlife Federation’s Alaska Regional Center: As part of National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to limit carbon emissions and move America to … Read more

Greenforce Frontline: 2 pm Eastern Today

By Larry Schweiger The end of the carbon age is in view, so I am glad to see green jobs opportunities becoming available today for those who are looking for the … Read more

Groups Launch Effort to Hold Senate Oil Backers Accountable

In the latest effort to hold Big Oil and their recalcitrant friends in the Senate accountable for sinking climate legislation this summer, a new group called Oil Change International has launched a web campaign … Read more

Introducing Our Nature Haiku Contest

Nature is the best Inspires words of happiness Let me share my joy The Japanese art of Haiku requires a creative mind, and nature can provide one of the best … Read more