Aislinn Maestas

Habitat Fragmentation Creates Hazards for Wildlife, Especially the Slow Ones

Of all the wildlife I saw on my recent trip to Costa Rica (go ahead, be a little jealous), my favorite by far was the sloth. Yes, the capuchin monkeys … Read more

An Introduction to Species Reintroduction

The Department of Interior this week announced plans to reintroduce 10 endangered whooping cranes to a Louisiana conservation area. This project is the latest in an ongoing, intensive effort by … Read more

Heading Toward a Record Setting Year for Hudson Bay

After spending the past few days in Churchill, Manitoba, learning about the plight of polar bears in the region, I’ve been trying to come up with a good analogy for … Read more

Polar Bear in Churchill

Polar Bear Tours for Everyone

When I found out that National Wildlife Federation was sending me to the polar bear capital of the world to do some work on polar bears, I was pretty excited. … Read more

Kayak Fishing Along the Gulf Coast

[youtube][/youtube] More and more people are discovering a sporting life without dirty fossil fuel. On the coast of the Gulf, in the shadow of the drilling rigs, you can find … Read more

Checking in on Elmer’s Island

As one of the hardest hit areas in the Gulf oil disaster, Elmer’s Island still remains closed to the public. Since heavy oil started washing ashore on the 1,700-acre island … Read more

“Please keep me anonymous”

This post was written by Amanda Moore, NWF’s Coastal Louisiana Organizer in New Orleans. I never get used to the “Please keep me anonymous,” sign-off on emails from my fisherman … Read more

Gallons of Grief: Thoughts on the Gulf Gusher

A little more than a week ago, NWF’s John Hammond set out on a tour of the Gulf of Mexico to survey the impacts of the oil spill disaster. Starting … Read more

Oil Spill Blues? Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Thursday night, National Wildlife Federation organized a concert and shrimp boil in Venice, LA for the men and women who’s lives have been turned upside down by the oil spill. … Read more

If Birds Could Talk

Jaime Matyas is NWF’s Executive’s Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. She is in Louisiana this week with NWF’s on the ground team touring areas devastated by the oil spill. … Read more