Individual Action

Student Video Competitions Seek Solutions to Climate Issues

With the new semester starting, opportunities abound for students interested in putting their screenwriting and film skills to work: Climate Matters: Inspire Your Next President These 30 or 60 second … Read more

Calling All Young Eco-Geniuses!

DotEarth, a popular NYT blog which examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits, has been discussing the idea of "Generation-E," a new way to think of the … Read more

Green Graduate, Seeking Job

The buzz on green jobs is especially loud in the summertime, when new grads flood the email boxes of HR managers with carefully composed resumes. Luckily, the environmentally-sensitive have more … Read more

Same Difference: Unplug Your Cellphone or Skip the Bath

Ever wonder whether your power strip or your shower timer saves more energy? David MacKay of Without Hot Air wants you to know for sure what your actions mean. In … Read more

Round-Up from the Chronicle of Higher Education

Several posts over at the Buildings & Grounds blog have caught our eye recently for their focus on environmental initiatives on campus. Part of The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s site, … Read more

Oberlin Students Test Drive Sustainable Living

Today’s New York Times profiled the SEED house at environmental all-star Oberlin College. SEED stands for Student Experiment in Ecological Design, and unites eight students in a practical laboratory of … Read more

Quick Cut: Use the Revolving Door

Here at Campus Ecology, we try to find big, manageable ways for campuses to cut their emissions. However, we definitely don’t want to ignore the fact that small choices, over … Read more

Green Hard Hats Storm the U.S. Capitol

Six thousand student leaders from 2000 colleges, universities and high schools all across the country traveled to Washington, D.C. over the weekend as part of Powershift to ask our nation’s … Read more

Power Shift – Picture Perfect!

Power Shift 2007, the first-ever national youth climate conference, wrapped up today with hundreds of students rallying on Capital Hill. The event was an overwhelming success and the energy level … Read more

Happy 10th Birthday, Prius!!

My parents were not real hippies. My mother never burned her bra, and my father never torched his draft card. They did not smoke pot, hitchhike, or go to Woodstock. … Read more

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