Power Shift – Picture Perfect!

Picture_165_2 Power Shift 2007, the first-ever national youth climate conference, wrapped up today with hundreds of students rallying on Capital Hill. The event was an overwhelming success and the energy level all weekend was palpable. The movement is growing! Thousands of students from all over the US gathered at the University of Maryland – College Park to focus on global warming issues and learn more about solutions. Speakers like NWF President Larry Schweiger, Van Jones, and Nancy Pelosi talked about what we can do to make a difference. The weekend was filled with workshops, panels, and one rockin’ concert!  Picture_196_4

Get involved today! Everyone can make a difference. Sign up for the next NWF teleconference ‘Engaging Students in Climate Sustainability – A Campus Affair’ or become our friend on Facebook. Talk to you campus administrators or president and Picture_184_2 find out what your school is already doing on campus. Start your own campus group. Its students from all over the world that are standing up and making a difference. We cannot wait for a change – the time is now to make your voice heard! Power Shift is just the beginning!!

Published: November 5, 2007