Living Shorelines

Softening Our Shorelines: Solutions for People and Wildlife Alike

A long history of coastal development, coastal erosion, and storm impacts has led to the armoring of our shorelines with sea walls, breakwaters, riprap, and levees. But, hardened shorelines can …

Gratitude for Gulf Restoration

Just before Thanksgiving, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announced 21 new restoration projects across the Gulf totaling more than $280 million. The projects selected in this round–the sixth for this funding …

Conquest Beach: One Year Later

If you build a house it will never look as good as it did on the day it is finished. Over time, you will scrape the wall moving in your …

The Shores are Alive!

A collaboration between the National Wildlife Federation, Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Queen Anne’s County, the project is one of the first in the country to incorporate sea level …

Five Birds That Benefit from Living Shorelines

Blue Crab

Transforming the Chesapeake Shoreline

Living Shorelines: Birds and Blue Carbon

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