Wall Street Shows Skepticism Over Coal

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As Senate stimulus bill falters, renewable energy tax credits face uncertain path

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Global Meltdown: Scientists Isolate Areas Most at Risk of Climate Change

In a new comprehensive study, a team of scientists identified the nine areas that are in gravest danger of passing critical thresholds or "tipping points", beyond which they will not … Read more

Climate Change’s Largest National Teach-in

I want to thank all of you who supported or participated in the Focus the Nation Teach-in. It was a fantastic success, and the Focus the Nation team did a … Read more

The President’s Budget

The budget presented on Monday by the White House is an outrage. It contradicts the hopeful words spoken by the president in his State of the Union address just a … Read more

Do You Still Believe You Can Make A Difference?

Taylor Francis is an inspiring young man from San Francisco who believes he can make a difference. Here is a 15-year old high school student who has rejected the widely-held … Read more

Bush Administration Goes Green?

That’s right folks. For only the 12th time in its entire history, the Environmental Protection Agency has decided to use the veto process to kill an Army Corps of Engineers … Read more

Largest Teach-in on Climate and Global Warming in U.S. History

Yesterday was the largest national teach-in on climate and global warming in U.S. history.  The Focus the Nation Team estimates that 3 million people participated at some 1,800 institutions across … Read more

Scientists, conservationists push for wildlife protection in greenhouse gas bill

NWF collected signatures from a group of over 600 scientists, sending a letter to members of Congress asking them to work with urgency on legislation to reduce greenhouse gases and … Read more

Focus the Nation is launched!

On Jan. 30th, NWF sponsored the opening night webcast of the largest teach-in on global warming in history. The Focus the Nation Team now estimates that 3 million people participated … Read more