White House Drops Effort To Relax Pollution Limits

The Bush administration has announced it is abandoning its pursuit of two
proposed regulations that would relax air-pollution standards for power
plants.  This ends the pursuit of one of
the last remaining goals of Vice President Dick Cheney’s
Energy Task Force
, set up in 2001.

The Environmental Protection
sent out a brief statement to reporters announcing that it would not
pursue the changes in how power-plant emissions are measured, The
New York Times reports
. The changes would have allowed increases in hundreds
of thousands of tons of pollutants, more specifically smog-inducing sulfur
dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

“We didn’t want to be faced with putting a midnight regulation in place,”
EPA Press
Jonathan Shradar said
on the decision to drop the pollution-standard revision. “It was better to
leave those incomplete rather than force something through.”

Published: December 16, 2008