Our Podcasts for Global Warming Solutions

NWF’s Campus Ecology Program hosted a greener campus teleconference series during the 2006-2007 academic year. Each teleconference featured practitioners in the field speaking about their accomplishments and challenges and a … Read more

Rachael Carson Turns 100 Today

NOTE: Most remember Rachael Carson for her famous book, Silent Spring warning of the dangers of DDT and other persistent and bio-accumulating chemicals that were amplifying up the food chain. … Read more

Moratorium on Ocean Going Ships in the Great Lakes

The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition today is calling for a moratorium of ocean-going ships in the Great Lakes until Congress stops the introduction of aquatic invasive species. “Our call … Read more

On Sen. Norm Coleman co-sponsoring the Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act

Global warming is the defining issue of the 21st century, and I am tremendously pleased that Senator Coleman (R-MN) is going to be a leader in advancing solutions.   I … Read more

Hey You…

Madonna has written an exclusive song for the upcoming Live Earth Concert, which will be an unprecedented event reaching out to 2 billion people on the urgent need to wake … Read more

Alcoa Captures Carbon

In an exciting step towards cleaner industries, Alcoa, the world’s second largest producer of aluminum, recently said it is starting to use a new technology to capture and render carbon … Read more

Climate Change Could Displace One Billion People

A recent Christian Aid report predicts that at least one billion people will be forced from their homes between now and 2050 as the effects of climate change deepen an … Read more

U.S. Spy Chief Backs Study on Impact of Warming

The United State’s top intelligence official recently endorsed a comprehensive study by spy agencies about the impact of global warming on national security.  Read the full story here. Read more

Better Late Than Never

I welcome President Bush’s continued shift on global warming, which was announced yesterday when, after six years of inaction, the President called for regulations to boost fuel economy. This is … Read more

Going Carbon Neutral–Publisher of Crichton’s State of Fear Has a Dramatic Change of Heart

Rupert Murdoch, a well-known conservative supporter of President George Bush, announced earlier this week that News Corporation is going carbon neutral by 2010.  Murdock is chairman and CEO of News … Read more