House Budget + Senate Budget = Arctic Drilling?

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Green Campus Transport Good Economics and Community Relations

Will Toor and Spencer Havlick’s book, Transportation and Sustainable Campus Communities (2004), is a vital resource for anyone interested in how campuses can reduce congestion related to cars on campuses … Read more

A Gwich’in Perspective

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Climate Literate Graduates– or Not?

A new report, Environmental Literacy in America (2005), written by Kevin Coyle, Vice President of Education for the National Wildlife Federation, concludes that Americans, even college graduates, are widely illiterate … Read more

Campus Winter Heating Settings Protect the Climate: UB Example

As campuses ease into winter, it is a good time to revisit the question of temperature settings. The University of Buffalo (UB) provides a good example for the rest of … Read more

Zero Net Direct Emissions: Three Scenarios at Oberlin College

With leadership from Dr. David Orr, Oberlin College worked with researchers, Richard Heede and Joel Swisher of the Rocky Mountain Institute to develop a plan for achieving net zero emissions … Read more

Green Roofs Yield Climate and Habitat Benefits on Campus

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Will Climate Savvy Graduates Enjoy an Edge in the Job Market?

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New Study Launches Campus Climate Challenge

The National Wildlife Federation’s President, Larry Schweiger, joined Campus Climate Challenge partners and a number of U.S. higher education leaders on October 19th in announcing the release of a new … Read more

Campus Climate Progress Begins at Home

In college, "home" often means "dorm room." While college dormatories typically share a number of the same energy and environmental features of other buildings on campus, they are also the … Read more