The Verdict Is In

So the verdict is in – if we start now, we can still stabilize greenhouse gas emissions and avoid catastrophic changes in our climate. So says the Intergovernmental Panel on … Read more

A Fine April

     Connection to nature can spark a passion for conservation that lasts a lifetime. And a citizenry literate and educated in conservation education will be equipped to successfully deal … Read more

It’s About People, Too

            Global warming has in some ways been mischaracterized.  It’s often thought about as simply an environmental problem.  This “ghettoizes” the issue.  Global warming is going to … Read more

Showing Us the Way

             Remember what it was like to be a student in spring?  There was so much to do – write term papers, study for finals, and there … Read more

Arctic Summer Sea Ice Gone by 2020?

A recent article “Global Warming Could Be Worse Than Thought” spotlighted findings from a British Royal Navy submarine, the HMS Tireless, that Arctic summer sea ice could be completely gone … Read more

Legislature Passes Bill Targeting Global Warming

In a bipartisan 37-10 vote this week Washington state passed a bill to curb the state’s pollution emissions.  Read this article to learn more about this legislation which will prohibit … Read more

Detroit Faces Bipartisan Fire Over Fuel Economy

Read this article to learn how Congress may pressure automakers to increase their fuel efficiency standards.  Read more

Changes Demanded to Global Warming Skeptic's Film

A group of British climate scientists have demanded that significant changes be made to "The Great Global Warming Swindle", a documentary that argues against the theory that human activity is … Read more

Gardeners Can Make a Difference on Global Warming

       I was saddened to learn while reading National Wildlife Federation’s Gardener’s Guide to Global Warming that my home state of Pennsylvania is due to lose our state … Read more

Fostering a Sense of Wonder

Sitting next to me in the left window seat on a recent cross-country flight was an obese ten-year old boy.  His mom put him on the plane to visit his … Read more