United Nations Climate Conference

Jeremy Symons (quoted in today’s AP story on the conference) is attending the Twelfth Conference of Parties in Nairobi, Kenya where leaders from around the world will negotiate about what … Read more

Chill Out Contest!!

Tell the world about your campus’s project to fight global warming and WIN!  Prizes include:• A free public screening of An Inconvenient Truth, courtesy of Paramount Pictures• Up to $1000 … Read more

Experts Say World's Ancient Sites are Threatened by Global Warming

Some of the world’s most valuable historical sites are threatened by global warming, from ancient ruins in Thailand to a 12th-century settlement off Africa’s eastern coast. Read more

America Wants a Clean Energy Future

America’s voters have delivered a clear message that the newly elected Congress must set the nation on a path to a clean energy future to address the joined priorities of … Read more

Vote “Wild” This Election Day

If bears could vote, what kind of candidate would they cast their ballots for? This goofy flash video created back in 2000 landed in my inbox the other day to … Read more

Campus Climate Challenge Teleconference

Campus Ecology just kicked off its 2006-07 teleconference series with “Campus Climate Challenge: How to Engage Students and Gain Support from Your Administration.” Speakers talked about successful ways to launch … Read more

Bad News for Good Times

Good times are here again. Gasoline prices have plummeted this pre-election season. The Dow Jones has responded to this positive signal by rocketing into virgin territory nearing a record 12,000 … Read more

Tune In to “The Climate Code,” Sundays at 5 p.m.

Mark your calendars and set your TiVos. On Sunday nights at 5 p.m. ET, The Weather Channel will air a new program called "The Climate Code with Dr. Heidi Cullen." … Read more

Hasta la vista, Global Warming!!

The "Governator," California’s own Arnold Schwarzenegger, has decided to take up the fight against global warming!  California will be the first state to set greenhouse gas emission caps on utilities, … Read more

Hunters and Anglers Target Global Warming

Today is National Hunting and Fishing Day, America’s celebration of the 35th anniversary of honoring our nation’s first conservationists — hunters and anglers. Hunting and fishing under modern regulations are … Read more