National Wildlife Week

Did you know that the average American child spends 6 hours a day in front of the television or playing video games?  We should all be worried about that.  Kids … Read more

Chill Out

     I was so pleased yesterday to see the eight top winners of National Wildlife Federation’s national Chill Out competition be honored in a first-of-its-kind webcast from George Washington … Read more

Tune in and Chill Out tonight!

TUNE IN TODAY! Today the National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology program will broadcast a global warming program to more than 180 college and university campuses around the United States and … Read more

Green is the New Red White and Blue

Over the weekend I read two very interesting articles.  In the New York Times Magazine’s The Power of Green, Thomas Friedman makes a compelling case that “green is the new … Read more

My Sympathies to the Virginia Tech Community

My deepest sympathies go to the families and all those suffering loss from the tragedy at the Virginia Tech campus yesterday.  Read more

We Can Do This

This morning, several of the world’s leading scientists went to the National Press Club in Washington, share more detailed information about how global warming will affect North America ( … Read more

Get Ready to CHILL OUT!

Seven truly green colleges and one high school will be featured in a special live webcast from George Washington University in Washington DC, which will spotlight practical solutions to global … Read more

Step It Up, America

Tomorrow, there will be over 1,350 rallies in every state in the Union.  People are joining together with the hope that by speaking out together, Congress will hear our voices … Read more

What are Your Favorite Environmental Movies?

The National Wildlife Federation recently organized several house parties around Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Several hundred party hosts volunteered their time and effort, inviting their friends and family … Read more

The Supreme Court Rules on Global Warming

In a 5-4 ruling April 2nd, the Supreme Court majority wrote that the EPA had offered no good reasons for its refusal to regulate greenhouse gases, marking an unprecedented victory … Read more