TXU Directors Tentatively Back Sale

In a huge victory for our fight to stop global warming, directors of TXU Corporation, Texas’s largest electricity producer, gave tentative approval February 25th to sell the company to two … Read more

AAAS Board Releases New Statement on Climate Change

The Advancing Science, Serving Society Board released a powerful statement last week acknowledging the existence of human induced global warming and calling for the mobilization of knowledge and political will … Read more

A Conservative Conservationist?

In an editorial in the February 23 edition of the Washington Post, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford writes that "…human activity is having a measurable effect on the environment…some people … Read more

Closing the Biodiesel Loop!

Check out what Appalachian State is doing to close the biodiesel loop!  They use food waste, solar panels and even naturally filter and use the waste water.  Check it out!  … Read more

Climate Change Threatens Agricultural Crisis

A new United Nations report says that immediate steps are needed to avert a potential catastrophe as climate change dries up water resources in drought affected areas, hitting poor farmers … Read more

Administration Could Weaken Eagle Plan

Check out NWF senior counsel John Kostyack on NPR this morning: “Bald Eagle May Leave Endangered List” by Elizabeth Shogren, National Public Radio Morning Edition, February 7, 2007 – The … Read more

Chill Out and Focus the Nation!

Check out this unofficial Chill Out video! The students at Middlebury College are gearing up and getting ready to Focus the Nation!  To find out how you can Focus the … Read more

“Well According to Phil…oh and the IPCC”

Yesterday was a big day in the global warming news cycle. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report saying it is “very likely” (at least a 90 percent … Read more

Scientists Report Overwhelming Evidence

                                 The IPCC begins the release of its 4th assessment More than 2,200 of the most qualified scientists from around … Read more

National Wildlife Federation Welcomes President’s Thaw on Global Warming

National Wildlife Federation welcomes President Bush’s shift on global warming, which was announced by the White House this afternoon in anticipation of the President’s State of the Union remarks tonight. … Read more