Capture Carbon on Campus by Restoring Habitat

(Left) University of Central Florida in Orlando commits to a fire program over the next five years that will reduce harmful fuel loads and restore native Florida habitats. Campus habitats … Read more

Rush Limbaugh and Global Warming

I see where conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh signed a plea agreement for misleading several doctors who gave him pain killers.  I wonder what kind of plea agreement Limbaugh will … Read more

George Will and Global Warming

Unknowingly, George Will has written perhaps the best rebuttal so far to his own distorted view of global warming science. In his April 2 column (“Let Cooler Heads Prevail”) ( … Read more

Environmental Education Works

I had an Earth Day surprise while attending the Montana Wildlife Federation’s annual meeting in Helena.  A man with a baby daughter approached me and asked if I remembered him.  … Read more

$3 Million Set Aside to Sell U.S. on Drilling

There’s one thing you can say about Alaska’s senior senator, Ted Stevens: he’s nothing if he’s not resilient. In March 2005, when the Arctic Refuge fight was just heating up, … Read more

Climate Sensitivity

A recent Duke study published in the which assumes a doubling of carbon dioxide concentrations, concludes with greater confidence than ever that climate change will almost certainly fall within the … Read more

Shadowed Pathways

I have long been troubled by the mounting scientific evidence warning of enormous and unprecedented ecological threats presented by global warming.  Now we see the very beginnings of the predicted … Read more

A Nation of Slugs and Couch Potatoes

Ding Darling, the founder of National Wildlife Federation would often say, “ten thousand stallions unconnected cannot move a baby carriage.”  Darling was a movement builder who believed in the power … Read more

A Matter of Perspective

After waiting some time for a mechanical repair to be made to our airplane, the pilot came on the intercom and put our frustrations in perspective, “folks, it’s far better … Read more

Barring a Miracle, Extinctions are Forever

June 1963: A thirteen-year old boy stood stunned and disheartened on a Lake Erie beach. Once inviting beaches were blackened by slime and littered with decomposing fishes, broken bottles and … Read more