Environmental Education Works

I had an Earth Day surprise while attending the Montana Wildlife Federation’s annual meeting in Helena.  A man with a baby daughter approached me and asked if I remembered him.  … Read more

$3 Million Set Aside to Sell U.S. on Drilling

There’s one thing you can say about Alaska’s senior senator, Ted Stevens: he’s nothing if he’s not resilient. In March 2005, when the Arctic Refuge fight was just heating up, … Read more

Climate Sensitivity

A recent Duke study published in the which assumes a doubling of carbon dioxide concentrations, concludes with greater confidence than ever that climate change will almost certainly fall within the … Read more

Shadowed Pathways

I have long been troubled by the mounting scientific evidence warning of enormous and unprecedented ecological threats presented by global warming.  Now we see the very beginnings of the predicted … Read more

A Nation of Slugs and Couch Potatoes

Ding Darling, the founder of National Wildlife Federation would often say, “ten thousand stallions unconnected cannot move a baby carriage.”  Darling was a movement builder who believed in the power … Read more

A Matter of Perspective

After waiting some time for a mechanical repair to be made to our airplane, the pilot came on the intercom and put our frustrations in perspective, “folks, it’s far better … Read more

Barring a Miracle, Extinctions are Forever

June 1963: A thirteen-year old boy stood stunned and disheartened on a Lake Erie beach. Once inviting beaches were blackened by slime and littered with decomposing fishes, broken bottles and … Read more

Why Can’t We All be More like Pennsylvania?

Last month, the EPA put out a list of the Top 10 College and University Green Power Partners. These are schools replacing significant portions of the electricity they use with … Read more

What Do You See?

If you could look into a crystal ball and see the future of energy production in America, what do you think you would see? When you look five years…20 years…50 … Read more

March Madness

That’s the only way to describe what’s happening in Washington right now when it comes to the Arctic Refuge. Who’s playing? Led by team captain Ted Stevens, a veteran player … Read more