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Just One Week Left To Speak Up For The Endangered Species Act!

10/9/2008 // By Julia Marden

Recent news from Hawaii reported that the federal government has identified 48 species on the island of Kauai to add to the endangered species list. According to the U.S. Secretary of Interior, imperiled ecosystems on the island make the future …

Bush Admin Gives Big Oil “Blank Check to Harass the Polar Bear”

6/16/2008 // By Miles Grant

From the Associated Press: Less than a month after declaring polar bears a threatened species because of global warming, the Bush administration is giving oil companies permission to annoy and potentially harm them in the pursuit of oil and natural …

Administration Reinterprets ESA

3/19/2007 // By Josh Nelson

Source: Tired of losing lawsuits brought by conservation groups, the Bush administration issued a new interpretation of the Endangered Species Act that would allow it to protect plants and animals only in areas where they are struggling to survive, while …

Rush is Mush: Limbaugh Denies Global Warming Impact on Polar Bears

3/9/2007 // By NWF

Poor Rush. He’s now reduced to calling weathermen liars and people who care about the plight of the polar bear wackos. Next he’ll be stealing candy from babies. Now, if the polar bears are disappearing and you’re up there on …