Just A Few More Days ‘Til Power Shift!

In a little over a week, I will become a Congresswoman. Actually, I’ll just be pretending for a day in a mock lobbying session to help train the thousands of college students descending onto Washington for Power Shift 2009.

After learning the lingo of the Hill, students from around the country will deliver a big awakening to Congress, lobbying their decision makers to confront global warming and invest in the clean energies that will work for their future and that of our natural world.

For many of today’s youth, shifting from “dirty” to clean fuels is no abstract concept. As one example, just take a moment to hear from Marisol–who lives near a power plant and sees the impacts on the health of her neighbors and community everyday.

The message is becoming clearer and clearer to a broader audience of Americans: greening our economy helps everyone. And that’s the essential message students will deliver to Congress next week for Power Shift 2009. They’ll also get to do a lot more – attending workshops on wildlife habitats and green jobs or hearing from luminaries such as Nancy Pelosi and Van Jones.

All this excitement in Washington is only a few more days away. And the best news is–it’s not too late to register!

Even if you can’t make it, you can help us reach our goal of bringing 10,000 students to Washington on this historic day by spreading the word to all the students and young people you know!