Rep. Pence’s Five Seconds of Silence

Five seconds doesn’t seem like a long time. Heck, it took me that long to type that sentence.

But when you’re behind a microphone at a press conference, five seconds can seem like an eternity. Just ask Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN).

Kate Sheppard of Grist had just asked Rep. Pence about the push for a cap on global warming pollution from the coalition of businesses and environmental groups called the U.S. Climate Action Partnership. “What’s your answer to those business leaders who are asking for a cap?”

Rep. Pence’s responds with long … uncomfortable … silence:

Once Rep. Pence starts talking, it only gets worse. “I don’t want to confirm that business leaders are asking for a cap,” says Pence. Then seconds later, “I’m aware that some [business leaders] are [asking for a cap].”

When a reporter can catch you in a “gotcha” and have you admit you were wrong within ten seconds … well, as the kids on the internets say, epic fail.

Published: May 6, 2009