Wind Turbines Installed In Existing Power Line Towers

Wind-it_L_HD_450 There are tens of thousands of miles of transmission lines in the U.S. supported by towers that could be fitted with wind turbines. Some wind energy designers are offering an approach they call the Wind-it Project. It might also reduce possible adverse effects on birds.

Alternative Energy reports:

“Wind-it project offers to answer many challenges we face while setting up wind farms in an area.

One of the greatest challenges to the expansion of wind power: where to site wind turbines.

Choppin, Delon and Menard’s design uses the existing infrastructure. They suggest the use of already existing towers and pylons that dot the more than 157,000 miles of high voltage power lines in the U.S. They ask us to install the wind turbines within already sited structures.” See full article. >>

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Published: July 8, 2009