December, 2009

Polls: Global Warming a Serious Problem

With President Obama preparing to attend the second half of the international climate summit in Copenhagen and a diverse coalition of U.S. senators discussing a 'tripartisan' outline for climate and … Read more

U.S. to Promote Clean Energy in Developing Countries

Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the launch of a new initiative to promote clean energy technologies in developing countries at the international climate summit in Copenhagen. "No matter what pledges … Read more

U.N. Group Drafts Emission Reduction Plan

A negotiation text outlining ambitious carbon pollution cuts over the next 40 years has been released, buoying efforts toward an international climate accord at the U.N.-sponsored climate conference in Copenhagen. The … Read more

Restoring the Longleaf Pine: Preparing the Southeast for Global Warming

A good-news global warming story about a pine tree with a storied past promises that a back-to-the-future approach will provide economic opportunities and help prepare the southeastern U.S. for a … Read more

Clinton Announcement “Sets Up an Important Moment for the World”

Big news from the international climate treaty talks in Copenhagen, Denmark. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the United States will contribute to a $100 billion fund to help … Read more

First Sunny Day In Copenhagen

By: Larry J. Schweiger Here in Copenhagen the sun is shining for the first time in over a week. Inside the Bella Center, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a … Read more

Saving Forests and Reducing Global Warming Pollution

By:  Larry J. Schweiger Carbon released into the atmosphere when trees are cut down contributes about the same amount of global warming pollution as the world’s entire transportation sector. Which … Read more

COP15 Update: The Answer is in the Forest

With deforestation responsible for roughly 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, we have an opportunity to bridge a significant gap between what science tells us is necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change and the amount of reductions nations like the U.S. are willing to put on the table. Read more

To President Obama – Lead Us to a Clean Energy Future

By Larry J. Schweiger Download Pres Obama Letter Dec 16 final National Wildlife Federation and other environmental, business, and faith organizations representing millions are asking President Obama to lead the … Read more

Double Trouble for Polar Bears

When it comes to polar bears, the Department of Interior can't seem to decide whether it wants to help or hurt the species. One day the agency takes dramatic steps … Read more