Melting Capitol Ice Sculpture Begs Question – Where’s Senator Inhofe?

Remember when Senator James Inhofe built that igloo (see picture) near the Capitol after a February snowstorm in Washington, DC?  It was more or less a monument to disinformation on climate science. No individual weather event can be descisively linked to global warming, of course, but that didn’t stop the Senate’s Chief Climate Denier from trying to score some political points. Mediamatters-inhofeigloo

Anyone know where Senator Inhofe is today? I’m bettting in some air conditioned room escaping the DC heat wave that’s been smashing records.

Too bad, because Mr. Inhofe is missing a monument to deniers today – an ice sculpture on the Capitol that won’t last long with the blistering heat, but hopefully makes it’s point in its short life.    
The Senate must pass strong climate and energy legislation. The Senate will likely consider a bill on the floor next week.  It’s vital that we be heard above the deniers. You can help.  Take action now!

(Photos – Igloo image from, sculpture image from NRDC.)

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Published: July 15, 2010