Just Saying No to the Dirtiest Fuel on the Planet

By Larry J. Schweiger

I was pleased to see so many clean energy advocates, landowners, and activists uniting to say no to a proposed, risky canadian dirty oil pipeline that would bring in highly polluting tar sands oil – the dirtiest fuel on the planet – from Canada  through six states to the U.S.  Among those speaking were National Wildlife Federation Board member, actress and activist Gloria Reuben.

“Keep your tar sands in the soil, We don’t want your dirty oil” chanted the protesters outside the Canadian Embassy.  These committed people speaking up for clean fuel aren’t alone.  Polls consistently show that the majority of Americans strongly support comprehensive clean energy and climate action.  A new poll out from League of Conservation Voters conducted by the Benenson Strategy Group found that nearly 7 out of ten voters want the Senate to act on comprehensive climate and energy action this year.  See the poll here.