Alaska Embraces Renewable Energy for Homes, Businesses

Great news from Jim Adams, Regional Executive Director in National Wildlife Federation’s Alaska Regional Center:

As part of National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to limit carbon emissions and move America to a clean energy future, we have been working on changing Alaska’s regulations to allow individuals and businesses to generate their own renewable power and receive a fair price for it from the utilities.

Solar panel

The utilities actively opposed this idea, but it gives people an incentive and opportunity to make a difference in their own home or business space.

Thanks to the National Wildlife Federation’s leadership and grassroots efforts, Alaska recently adopted regulations providing a fair price to home-generated renewable power despite the opposition of the state’s utilities.

It is one example of how NWF can help reduce carbon emissions at the state level despite the federal government’s refusal to take action, and is part of our effort to help the state produce 50 percent of its electricity with renewable sources by 2025.