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Disappointing Decision on Polar Bear Protection

The decision is in, and it’s not what we were hoping for. The Obama administration has announced it will stick with the Bush administration’s regulation weakening protections for the threatened … Read more

AEI: You Can Think Polar Bears are Cute. Or Threatened. But Not Both.

While we’re waiting on a decision from the Obama administration on protecting polar bears, I thought I’d  pass along this little laugher from the American Enterprise Institute: The National Wildlife … Read more

Polar Bear Protection Decision Due

UPDATE 10:27am: Hearing we may get a decision this morning. I’ll keep you updated. A critical decision is expected any minute now from the Obama administration: A decision involving the … Read more

Rep. Pence’s Five Seconds of Silence

Five seconds doesn’t seem like a long time. Heck, it took me that long to type that sentence. But when you’re behind a microphone at a press conference, five seconds … Read more

NWF: GOP Leaders Resurrect Cheney Energy Plan

House Republicans are holding a mock climate hearing today in the Capitol Visitors Center. Here’s what Joe Mendelson, the National Wildlife Federation’s global warming policy director has to say about … Read more

Obama to Huddle with House Dems on Clean Energy Bill

President Obama is calling all 36 Democrats from the House Energy & Commerce Committee to a meeting at the White House today: A White House aide said Obama plans to … Read more

House GOP Holding “Mock” Climate Hearing

Mocking the climate crisis? Mocking the political process? A little of both, I guess. Reports Politico: While Democrats bicker over a sweeping climate change bill, Republicans are going rogue, crafting … Read more

NRDC Digs Into Newt’s Cement Story

When I live-blogged Newt Gingrich’s testimony before the House Energy & Commerce Commmittee last week, I left out a yarn Newt spun about a cement factory. The story was allegedly … Read more

Shadowy Group Launches Attack on Clean Energy

As the National Wildlife Federation predicted last month, big polluters and their allies have launched a major blitz against clean energy & climate legislation. And now CQ reports the latest … Read more

Clean Energy & Climate Impact of Specter’s Switch?

Just talked to Adam Kolton, the National Wildlife Federation’s senior director for Congressional & federal affairs: Read more